The Perfect Revenge

lemonsThink about the biggest wrong anyone ever committed against you.

What happened? How did you feel? How do you feel about it now?

Now, imagine for a moment that you could exact revenge against the person who wronged you. You could inflict a wound just as big and cause the same level of hurt and anger as was caused you. The score would be settled.

Or … would it?

There are all kinds of sayings out there, “revenge is sweet”; “don’t get mad – get even,” etc. Many of us want to believe in a sense of justice in the world, that things will end up being fair and people will get their due for the wrongs they committed. In reality, though, life just isn’t fair, and never has been.

The problem with revenge is that it just perpetuates a wrong. It doesn’t fix anything. It doesn’t take away the bad feelings that the injured person felt. It is, literally, stooping to someone else’s level. Instead of repairing the situation, it merely puts more bad vibes and more poisonous energy into the universe.

The thing that’s far better than revenge – the thing that really will fix the situation – is forgiveness.

Some of us have the idea that forgiving someone is letting them off the hook. As in, if we forgive them, that means we think what they did is OK.

But, consider this. Forgiveness is more about you than the other person. Forgiveness is about allowing yourself to feel inner peace. Forgiveness is about releasing someone’s emotional power over you and reclaiming that power for yourself. Forgiveness is about letting go.

The next time you fantasize about settling the score with someone, consider stopping and asking yourself why you’re still allowing this person to dwell, rent-free, in such a prime spot of real estate within your mind. Then, consider replacing those resentful thoughts with a sense of peace. Find the freedom that forgiveness allows.


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3 responses to “The Perfect Revenge”

  1. bjh says :

    So much easier said than done. Any practical advice for HOW to let go? I find that I pretend I have let go, but excommunicating a person from my life and vowing to forget him or her, but needless to say, that’s not doing the trick.

  2. theeditrix says :

    I think it’s all a matter of time, and making a conscious decision to release someone’s negative emotional power over you.

  3. John Hric says :

    Life is too short for revenge. Falling into the trap of revenge is to let that person continue to control you. Stay in control of your own life and continue to move forward. Revenge is an anchor that keeps us in a storm. Lift the anchor and sail on.

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